Overheated Dryer Almost Completely Destroys a Love Park Family's Home

A Loves Park family is struggling to pick up the pieces after an overheated dryer almost destroyed their entire house.

Stephanie Yates and her family are staying with relatives after her house almost went up in flames yesterday. She turned her dryer on and in a matter of minutes, her entire home was filled with smoke. Yates says most of her things are destroyed. She later found out the vent leading outdoors hadn’t been cleaned in years. Investigators say she started the dryer then left her home.

“What could have accounted to a half an hour or an hour job of pulling the tube down that goes to the dryer out to the outside and cleaning it, resulted in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.”

Fire crews recommend cleaning out the dryer vent at least every year and for larger families it should be every six months.

Yates wants the community to know that this tragedy can happen to anyone.

“This is our first home. We just bought it less than a year ago. There's a learning curve, but it would've been nice if someone had told me that there's more than the lint trap to worry about,” said Yates.

Yates says she spoke with her insurance company and tells us her family will be able to move back in about a month.


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