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Overheated Dryer Almost Completely Destroys a Love Park Family's Home

A Loves Park family is struggling to pick up the pieces after an overheated dryer almost destroyed their entire house.

Stephanie Yates and her family are staying with relatives after her house almost went up in flames yesterday. She turned her dryer on and in a matter of minutes, her entire home was filled with smoke. Yates says most of her things are destroyed. She later found out the...

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Dryer Starts Blaze in Robert De Niro's NYC Apartment

In 2012, Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro made headlines when his NYC apartment caught fire. The fire originated in a clothes dryer when dryer lint ignited. The flames spread across the fifth floor, also damaging the floors directly above and below. Thankfully, no one was injured in the blaze.

There are approximately 15,500 dryer fires every year, and dryer lint is the most common...

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Dryer Fire in Queens

"On May 29, 2014, a small fire broke out at Bleecker Street and Grandview Avenue in Queens. Firefighters used one hose line to extinguish the one alarm fire, which began in a dryer. No extension was found in the duct work."

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Dryer Fire at The Greenlawn Laundromat

"The Greenlawn Fire Department responded to a fire at the Greenlawn Laundromat on May 17, 2014. about 30 Greenlawn firefighters were on the scene with an engine, ladder truck, rescue truck and ambulance, under the command of Assistant Chiefs Kurt Allen and Mike Bellis. The fire was confined to a clothes dryer and was rapidly extinguished with no extension to the building. There were no...

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Dryer Fire in Huntington

Approximately 40 firefighters using 5 truck worked to put out a fire in Huntington on July 5th. The fire started in the dryer and traveled throughout the laundry room, where the flames were contained. The rest of the house suffered smoke damage, but no injuries were reported. Read the full story here:

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